Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What do attendees at sports and live events really want? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Are the majority of Americans really single? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Do Moms Really Need Hobbies?

You know the moms – the ones who knit gorgeous scarves for entire villages while they simultaneously cheer at all of the appropriate times during their kids’ soccer games, decorate birthday cakes that rival those on Cake Boss, or decoupage their way into the Guggenheim. These are the moms who have hobbies that make them [...]

Is Your Child Really Shy?

Why She Might Be an Introvert or HSP I know, I know. How many psychologically construed ways can we describe our children and what we all probably perceive to be as “shy” behavior? The difference, I’m learning, is almost much more about how we react to our children when we understand what makes them tick. [...]

Is My Child Really Ready to Drive?

There are wings on our car. Not the tangible, feather encrusted kind, but independent wings that just lifted my daughter as she drove by herself for the first time today. She took all of the driver’s training classes, passed through behind the wheel experiences with flying colors and all too-quickly passed her driving test. Suddenly [...]