Monday, October 22, 2018

Keep Your Kids Safe Online

What Should Parents Know about Chat Rooms & Pinterest? I have a confession. I would not know ½ as much about or use technology to the extent I do if I didn’t have kids. And because I have children, I have to know twice as much about technology as I would otherwise. The kids are chatting, [...]

A Safe Space for Gross Motor Play

This video provides ideas for programs using, designing, or maintaining environments for children’s large muscle play. The video addresses common questions and scoring issues related to gross motor spaces and play that occur during the North Carolina Rated License Assessments.

How to Make Your Children’s Outdoor Swing Set/Playset Safe

Watch home improvement expert Ron Hazelton as he shows how to make your child’s outwood swing set or playset safe for use. For more DIY outdoor projects, visit

Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard Review

Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard Review All parents need a safe and secure space for their baby or child to play in either indoors or outdoors. With the Summer Infant Secure Play Safe Play Yard you have an instant, portable, convenient, and secure play area for your child any time you wish. [...]