Sunday, October 21, 2018

New School consumers are flocking to eatertainment restaurant & old-school game venues

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Are You Old School? – Leisure e-Newsletter

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Do Longer School Days Equal Smarter Kids?

Or Are We Just Self-Destructing? If the nation’s children aren’t succeeding in school, it means they need more time in school. Such is the position of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, who said that he supports the adding of hundreds of hours to academic calendars. A pilot project which will encompass 20,000 students across several states [...]

The Darker Sides of School Choices

Under each leaf it is shaded and dark – and under each school choice there are darker issues that make it difficult for parents to choose the best schools for their kids. It used to be that you had two choices for your child’s education – public or private school. Either way your child would [...]

Old School Education

Classical Education – An Effective Method for Teaching Kids in a Modern World Are our children being educated well enough to lead the world, or barely well enough to lead their friends down the bike path? Education is a hot topic right now in politics on local and national levels. One of the interesting discussions [...]

School is for Sliding! – Embankment Slide

Weeeeeeeeeee! Playtime is so much fun when the children have a slide! Wide enough for two, friends can slide together! Utilise embankments in schools with a slide!

Greenway Primary School – Trim Trail

The children of Greenway Primary School cross Greenfield Leisure trim trail from one side to the other.

Playground Equipment at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and School, Apex, North Carolina

See more Playground Designs: After purchasing several of Burke’s freestanding events over the past few years, Bob Cadran, principal of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and School, wanted to replace the school’s existing wooden playground with something edgy and different. So Burke representative John Barrs suggested the new fitness-oriented Intensity playground as a replacement. [...]

J and M at the school playground

JV and his friend playing