Tuesday, October 16, 2018

6 Steps to Developing Work Ethic

Just whistle while you work… the 7 dwarves had such a great work ethic, but fairy tales don’t always come easily. Raising children who are self-disciplined, responsible, self-reliant, and who have a strong work ethic is not as simple as just whistling the day away. However, there are some things we can do as parents [...]

9 Steps to Writing Your First Résumé

Help Your Teen Take the First Step To the Future If you’re the parent of a teenager you might be getting ready to watch your child cross to that exciting and slightly nerve-wracking world of “the first job” – whether it is working at the local drive thru, the mall, as a lifeguard, or in [...]

6 Steps of Moral Development

 Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions Decisions, decisions. As adults we can weigh the odds and use our years of experiences and (hopefully) levels of maturity to make the best decisions possible, whether it is which job to pursue or which book to read. However, our kids don’t necessarily have those years of experiences or [...]