Saturday, September 22, 2018

The Greatest Sandbox custruction plans ever created – The Sahara –

Create your own backyard beach! Fill your summer with lasting memories of smiles on your kids face. One of my most memorable experiences as a kid was playing in a sandbox with my brothers. Wed spend hours outdoors in the sand building castles, tunnel systems, roads and whatever our imaginations could create. Todays kids need these experiences too, but often children spend most of their playtime indoors. Kids need opportunities to develop creativity and a sense of adventure. Sandboxes are a great place for kids to create imaginary volcanoes, rivers, and castles. These are activities that will help develop you childs hidden abilities. What makes a great sandbox? The most important feature of a sandbox is its size. There has to be enough room for family, friends, and toys. This will be where the kids play outdoors for years to come, so you want to do it right. SANDigz™ makes sandboxes of exceptional quality that are designed to last. Sand and water features that please both children and adults are incorporated into all SANDigz™ sandboxes. Visit to see how clever design and smart material choices combine to create exciting and dynamic play opportunities. You won't find another sandbox like a SANDigz™ sandbox! Check out what's new at SANDigz, go to


4 Responses to “The Greatest Sandbox custruction plans ever created – The Sahara –”
  1. MrRob2011 says:

    best sand pit i have ever seen grate job mate lol

  2. CdnGuyEH says:

    Great design – looking at making on a similar size. Wow, 7.5 yards of sand, not looking forward to that part, but definatly worth it for the boys.

  3. UnclePenner7 says:

    awesome job!

  4. missferrariqueen says:

    cool man! if i got the budget i would definitely do it!

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