Friday, November 16, 2018

Tips to calm crying baby

Many of us face this situation when our babies are supposed to go to sleep, but they simply refuse,To say "frustrating" is a mild understatement as sometimes the worry over your baby's health and well-being unfortunately gets sensed by your child, and therefore exaserbates the problem.

I have learned the hard way how to improve my chances to not let that happen, so here are some tips to help you out as well:

"Wear" the baby in a baby carrier. It makes your baby feel safe and cozy. This will free one or both hands for other tasks while you hold, soothe or nurse your baby.

Go outdoors: Relax baby with a walk, or just sit and enjoy the outdoors. When my daughter starts to cry without a reason, I’m taking her to the swimming pool.

Swap: Let dad have some "baby time" while mom takes a shower or simply gets some time to herself to relax and recover after a long day.

Soothe with rhythmic motion: Walk, sway, bounce, dance or/and swing.

Soothe with sound:  Sing, hum, talk, listen to music. Use 'white noise’, such radio, washing machine, TV, etc. Try different types of sound, different styles of music and singers with different types of voices.

Soothe with touch: Hold or bathe baby, try baby massage, stroke baby’s back, head.

Reduce stimulation: Dim lights, swaddle baby,reduce noise in the house to the minimum

Combine rhythmic motion with soothing sounds.

Avoid rigid scheduling: be flexible.

Try different nursing positions. Try side lying, lying on your back to nurse with baby tummy to tummy, etc.

Above all of course check for regular reasons. Such as hunger, wet nuppies. May be it's to hot or to cold. Check your little one body temperature.

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