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Top Tips for Throwing a Baby Shower

Easy Ideas for Planning a Baby Shower

There is almost nothing as exciting as the birth of a new baby. If you’re planning a baby shower for a dear friend or family member, you might be feeling the stress of the planning, but don’t forget to relish in the joy you get to share. Whether you are having a traditional shower for just the gals, or you’re throwing a more modern bash with guys, too, these baby shower menu options and decoration tips will help ease a little of the planning stress. Only a baby shower can get so many people so excited about poopy diapers and late nights of drooling and crying (the baby – and parents, too). Let the fun begin!

Menu – Tiny Treats

If you plan the baby shower for mid-afternoon, you don’t have to worry about serving an entire meal, or if you serve enough of these Tiny Treats you can create a meal based on finger foods. Go with a theme of Tiny Treats, and use small salad plates (or just get paper cake plates – those 6” ones). Include Tiny Treats such as

  • Small sugar cookies sprinkled with blue, pink, or a combination of colored sugar. You can even get cute cut-out shapes, such as booties or the letter B.
  • A veggie tray with things like baby carrots, baby pea pods, and broccoli florets
  • Small finger sandwiches – you can find miniature loaves of bread at the bakery or just take a regular loaf and cut the pieces into fourths (removing the crust)
  • Pinwheels – try these on whole wheat tortillas (a great option for vegetarians)
  • Cream cheese mints – again you can color these with food coloring in blue, pink, or a combination of colors (I use a recipe like this one, and have a mint mold tray shaped like tiny baby feet – but you can just make into circles as well)
  • Snacks like nuts, raisins, trail mix, or pillow mints served in mini-muffin paper liners
  • Miniature stuffed croissants – take refrigerated rolls of mini croissants and unroll each. Fill with things like small pieces of salami, oregano, and 1 tsp. of shredded cheese, then roll and bake (serve warm).
  • Mini muffins – you can go traditional and serve blueberry or get creative and make a huge assortment, including cakes and banana breads (works great for a brunch party)
  • Sliders – these mini hamburgers are a great option for a modern baby shower with the guys

Double Duty Decorations

Whenever I throw a party of any kind, I try to make the decorations usable – it’s too sad to just tear down streamers and throw them away when the last guest leaves! At the place setting for the mom-to-be you can include a note telling her that the decorations are also your gift to her.

  • Miniature flower pots at each place setting – doubles as take home gifts for guests, and a miniature rock garden as a centerpiece (great gift idea for godmother to get take home)
  • A bouquet of baby’s breath on the table for the Grandmothers of the baby to take home
  • Instead of streamers over the doorway, a string of laundry line with tiny booties, onesies, and cloth diapers or bibs hanging from it (guests can be asked to contribute to it as well)
  • Diaper cakes can be made with either disposable or cloth diapers, and do a great job doubling as decorations and gifts.
  • Pages of scrapbooking paper – some hung on the walls, some scattered on tables. The ones on the walls can be completed with pictures and notes for the new mom, the ones on the tables can be works-in-progress that guests can help complete. Scatter scrapbooking supplies (stickers, markers, glue sticks, etc.) and encourage guests to write notes and create pages. A new scrapbook for Mom can be the centerpiece at the table. (This decoration serves triple duty – décor, activity, and gift!)

One last tip – If all of this planning has your budget feeling the pinch, use these gift ideas: coupons for babysitting, bathtub breaks (you’ll come over for an hour so the new mom can just take a bath), and even just a list you create describing why you think your friend will be an amazing mom. One day she’ll be feeling stressed, exhausted, and insecure. This list can be her saving grace when she is feeling like she’s not going to survive the journey – a priceless gift to a new mom.

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