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Types of Baby Swings

Basic Cradle Swings

A favorite among parents, cradle swings rock back and forth as well as side to side. This is a plus point compared to standard swings which rock back and forth only.

Your baby sits in an inclined seat. Hence, compared to lying down, it’s great for the digestion of babies, especially if you have younger infants with colic. There are not much differences in cradle swings, save for the two or three position seats, accessories and functional differences.

Thus far, it appears that Fisher-Price brand dominates the top pick for cradle swings. Although there is a lot of variety, it seems to be similar to most parents. Note that, if you have no idea which one to choose, look for function first, then only accessories (loud or subdued), theme and then color.

Portable Swings

While not all parents like portable swings, it is a blessing for those parents on-the-go. The advantages are the weight (light), size (small) and the easiness to be folded up for easy transportation (in the car) or storage. Hence it is sometimes called Travel Swings.

However, don’t expect it to have all the features of full-size swings. If you choose to buy portable swings, check for two crucial features which are the safety harness and the seat (for comfort). A handle makes moving around more convenient, albeit not necessary.

A higher range portable swing include a pivoting toy bar to allow you easy access to the baby, variable ranges of music and different position reclining seats.

If you want extra professional information, here’s an interesting fact. Medical professionals have long recommended that a method used to help babies fall asleep is to put them in a portable swing. Nevertheless, caution must be applied as the maximum of 30 minutes should be followed. If your baby has already fallen asleep inside the portable swing, you should stop the motion. Likewise, if you are drowsy, shut the machine off before you sleep!

Electric Baby Swings

If you use baby swing for long hours every day, it is best to look for electric baby swings. You do not need to worry about burning a pocket buying batteries and you’ll be more environment-friendly. So, for instance, if you need to wash your clothes, prepare meals or catch up on your rest, this electric baby swing is a blessing in disguise.

The core advantage, apart from those mentioned above, is the continuous swinging motion which is great if you need a short break from taking care of your baby. This means you don’t need to worry about battery dying just when you had a short reprieve! Additionally, most of it comes in a recline position which means you can use it for infants as well!

Nowadays, there are many electric baby swings online but do your research by comparing different electric baby swings’ options side by side. Also, if you have friends who are already using one, ask them for their advice.

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