Friday, November 16, 2018

Would You Do It All Over Again?

Back to the Future – Living a Purposeful Life as a Parent and Grandparent

Would you go back to high school if you could know then what you know now? Or how about take a trip like that infamous one Michael J. Fox took in Back to the Future? There is no time like the present to give some words of wisdom to your future self, and your kids can even take part. Not only is it a great exercise in personal awareness and goals, but it might actually serve you well one day. Think about your purposes in life, and give the future you a little perspective.

The following printable activity sheets are launching points for bringing a little introspective and perspective into our lives. Your world is probably just as busy as mine, which means we can use all of the assistance we can get, even if it is from our future selves.

Printable Predictions for Young Kids

Use this printable activity sheet to encourage your young child to think about the future. What kind of a parent does he hope to be one day? The answers your child gives might surprise you, and they might just help you become a more conscious mom or dad. Nothing gives you a reality check like your 6 year-old son telling you that he is so glad he is never going to have to be a mom – they seem really tired most days and have a lot of work to do. Maybe the message your young child sends to her future self is one you can learn from to be a more effective parent, today.

Printable Predictions for Tweens and Teens

Has your teenager ever stomped out of the room and promised to never be like this when she is a parent? Have her put her money where her mouth is and consider what she really views as important in parenting. Use this printable and encourage her to record her predications and hopes for her future – and take note – they just might be telling you a bit about you today.

  • Encourage your tween or teen to write a letter to her future self – she can keep it with her mementos or ask you to safeguard it in the safe until she’s a parent of a tween or teen.
  • Talk with your tween or teen about what you used to think when you were their age – honestly. Don’t sugar coat it – but treat them with respect and understanding.

Printable Predictions for Parents

Over coffee with girlfriends we’ve shared stories and dreams about how we hope to be someday as in-laws to the spouses of our children. Sometimes these are based on wonderful experiences we have with our own in-laws, and other times they are based on the battles we’ve fought. While you can’t predict how you might feel one day as your baby gets married, you can give your future self some advice, and let it serve as a reminder to how it feels to be the daughter- or son-in-law.

Printable Predications for Grandparents

Does your child’s grandparent feed him sugar-anything for breakfast, despite your pleas to the contrary? Or does your child’s grandparent ignore your child? Grandparenting can be a rocky road – but grandparents are so important to children. Give yourself a heads-up for your future generations and use this printable to write a letter to yourself for when someone small is calling you “Grandmama”.

Sometimes the best lessons are those that we teach ourselves. Use these printables to spur some predicting and some promising about how you hope to live your future life. Get your kids in on the action, too. Kids are dreamers and they can teach us to dream big – and dream honestly. Who else can plan to be an astronaut who also designs video games and works in an underwater laboratory investigating sharks?

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